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Wanting a better radiator and making it happen.

Greetings, my name is David A Martel designer and manufacture of the radiators you see on

How we got started:

Like most people I love my home and pay attention to every detail. When I built my Colonial style home, I wanted to use hydronic heat, but didn’t like the look of traditional baseboard radiators. At that time, the only other option was to use the steel panel European radiators. After using these in my home for a few years, the radiators had two major problems. The surface temperature was too hot for small children to be around, and the valve connections were prone to leaking.  For these reasons  I decided to replace them yet found the options were still limited and expensive. I wanted something that was durable and would compliment my home’s style and character.  The radiators would also need to be easy to install with a solid clean connection that was made for the US market, and not the European BSP threads. 

As this kind of quality hydronic radiator was not available on the market  I decided to design and build my own radiators.

I’m proud to say I have designed a radiator that is:

· Highly efficient – Copper heat exchanger provides optimum BTU output.  

· Durable - Copper heat exchanger is corrosion resistant.

· Attractive - Solid hardwood Maple, Cherry, Oak cabinet. 

· Easy to install –  1/2" or 3/4" Male NPT connections no special valves required.

· Safe - Cabinet provides a protective barrier reducing contact with a 180-degree Fahrenheit surface temperature.

Now everyone has another choice when it comes to using hot water radiators for your home heating needs. 

I thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and how my vision has become a reality.  

Thank you from all of us at Vermont Home Radiators.