Why choose Vermont Home Radiators?

We are a manufacture of quality home hot water radiators.

  •  Vermont Home Radiators are designed and built in Vermont. 
  • The copper heat exchanger and solid hardwood cabinets are designed to not only be highly efficient and attractive they maybe the easiest radiator you will ever install.


  •  The heat exchanger is manufactured from a class (M) copper pipe with aluminum  fins to provide quite comfortable heat.. 
  • Each heat exchanger tube section has a custom designed orifice that restricts flow so each fin tube has balanced flow to maximize BTU output. 
  •  We provide you the options of 1/2 " and  3/4" NPT male connections for the USA Market.No special valves are required for the installation. 
  • Copper is a proven material to resit corrosion and its properties to transfer heat is second to none.
  • Each solder connection is hand soldered and inspected. We then pressure test each heat exchanger up to 160 PSI.


  •  Who says a radiator has to look like huge chunk of steel or a rusty beat up baseboard taking up the whole wall.
  • Our radiator cabinets look like a piece of fine furniture. The solid Oak, Maple and Cherry hardwood cabinets are simple but elegant.
  • They,re not only attractive they also provide a protective barrier reducing the ability to have contact with the heat exchnager. 
  • The cabinet has a 3 year warranty against manufactures defects.